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Jacqui entered my apartment armed with hangers, ready to transform my closet. With joy for making people look and feel better, she asked intelligent questions about my lifestyle, clothing style, and budget. She effortlessly whisked through my closet, choosing what would look best on me, considering my size and coloring with every selection. When we finished, I had a light, bright closet to find things and put together stylish and comfortable outfits. I felt like a new person with a new wardrobe! Later I received a detailed report on what we had done, what I should be in the market for, and shopping ideas and selections. It was like magic.


Going through my closet with Jacqui felt like a dear friend (who just happened to be a knowledgeable and talented fashionista) came by for the afternoon to clear out the underbrush and emerge victorious in the wardrobe department. She gave me the courage to be decisive with my toss, donate, repair/tailor, and neatly-hang-back-up piles. She had practical and (to me)
innovative suggestions for putting together outfits using items I already had and excellent advice on what worked for me and what didn't, with eye-opening explanations. At the end of the four hours (which went by in a flash), my closet was quietly and beautifully organized. I now feel lighter and more purposeful and deliberate in my abilities to go forward daily to choose the most flattering outfits. And to pay more attention to selecting clothes; how that affects not only my mood and confidence but how others see me. Jacqui followed up with notes based on our session and links to core pieces we decided I would need to fill out my wardrobe. And she enthusiastically responded to my ideas for online shopping in the weeks that followed our


I was nervous about opening my closet, but Jacqui made the process fun and inspiring. Her insights, humor, and lack of judgment helped me think differently about my clothes and to have more confidence in my style. I got rid of so much stuff that I didn’t realize had negative vibes and brought forward items I had forgotten about that made me feel great. The results were not just a cleaned-up organized closet but immediately positive feedback from friends about my refreshed style. Highly recommend her service! I felt refreshed inside and out.


As a 50-year-old reentering the workforce, I was nervous. I felt self-conscious and uncomfortable and didn't think I had any fashion mojo. Enter Jacqui. First, she took the time to know me - what made me shine? What made me feel beautiful? And then she went practical: what could I and would I want to spend? What brands were in alignment with me as a person? How could I take what I already owned and look at it honestly to use what I had but also get rid of what wasn't helping me and then enhance it with new pieces? I have never felt so supported and secure in my fashion choices as when I worked with Jacqui.


Jacqui Getz came over to my house and spent the day with me. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect (although she definitely, prepped me)—the day completely exceeded my expectations. I typically have the patience to spend an hour or two purging my closet(s), and we spent seven easy hours together. Jacqui helped me let go of items I no longer needed and advised me on
different ways to approach clothes I already own. The whole day gave me a new point of view on my style, and she made it so effortless. Her follow-up was incredibly appreciated and well-detailed. Trust me. A day with Jacqui is worth it. I will happily spend another day or week with Jacqui Getz going through my stuff and organizing.


Jacqui Getz is a lifesaver! I hate shopping, especially hate department stores, and have a negative body image. Meanwhile, I needed to find a dress for my daughter's wedding. Jacqui talked to me at length, sent me suggestions, took me to a department store, helped me feel beautiful, helped me find a fabulous dress... and negotiated with another retailer about getting my hands on an additional dress I had seen online and could not find anywhere. Now I already have one beautiful dress and will get to compare it with another one. Jacqui takes the anxiety out of shopping for a special occasion and makes it fun and exciting. I loved the day I spent with her and look forward to working with her to get help with shoes and accessories. Whether you already love clothing and shopping or, like me, find the whole enterprise overwhelming, Jacqui is the person to turn to for help. She is simply the best!

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