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I was a full-time working mother of three daughters while teaching and then leading public schools in NYC. My husband also worked as a teacher and school leader in the New York City public schools. I studied for an Image Consultant Certificate from F.I.T. during that busy time. Friends asked me for advice, and people talked to me at crosswalks, museums, and restaurants, even while waiting in line. I was getting featured in a few publications for my style as an older woman! I realized that putting together an outfit with a style that expresses confidence, joy, and personality could be everyone’s skill.

I retired and went to graduate school for an M.S. in Sustainable Fashion. My thesis explored ageism in fashion, leading me to my next adventure. Now, at 63, I am a pro-age stylist working
with women like you who hope to find the details of their style.


My style philosophy centers around “the details of style.” I love building an outfit that reflects who I am. My daily energy comes from thinking through all parts of my everyday look, always

finding a way to add that last bit, tweak that final thing, and adjust one more detail until I know I am presenting ME to the world.

I help you craft the details of your style. I will work to ensure you have confidence and joy when you build and wear your outfits!


Photography by Susie Lang

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