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The Goal: You will share a browsing/shopping experience with new ideas, immediate feedback, and confirmation about fit and style.


If we have not worked together, I send you a questionnaire where you can explain what you hope to accomplish, your goals, your lifestyle, and your personal style ideas. 

We follow up with a phone call or Zoom to get acquainted. We identify places you shop, places you would like to explore, and a detailed day itinerary.

I pre-shop ahead of our day and put some pieces aside so we can be efficient and organized with our time.

We fit in a coffee/tea break to relax, recharge, and reflect.

I send you a detailed document within a few days that recaps our work along with many visuals and links for future purchases. We can continue our conversation online or via phone for two weeks. I may drop new ideas onto your boards if something I know you will love pops up.

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