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The Goal: You will look forward to opening your closet and creating an outfit!


I send you a questionnaire where you have an opportunity to explain what you hope to accomplish, your goals, your lifestyle, and your personal style ideas. We follow up with a phone call or Zoom to get acquainted.


It all starts with your closet (and all those places where you keep your clothes/accessories/shoes). We assess each item for keeping, donating, and tailoring, We even have a small place for  “Items Jacqui suggest I donate, but I still like….” and a limited “Memory” section of your closet for those items that remind you of a time, place, person, or event. It is your choice to try on clothes (which I strongly suggest). The journey through your closet is personal and cannot be rushed. We are doing this to empower you.


We create new possibilities with your current wardrobe- looking at everything through a new lens. Along the way, I take photos of your favorite items and you in various outfits. We identify what we both feel is missing regarding basic, work, or event pieces. We talk about travel plans and upcoming events. This lets me style you in the personalized follow-up of idea boards and links to new items. This experience empowers you to shop purposefully, create intentional outfits, and own your closet.


I send you a detailed document within a few days that recaps our work along with many visuals and links for future purchases. We can continue our conversation online or via phone for two weeks. I may drop new ideas onto your boards if something I know you will love pops up.

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