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What are your details of style?

Life is all about details. Some details are apparent, an accessory, a shoe, a color. Some of those details are subtle, a twist that puts your signature stamp on an outfit.

When you discover and define the details of your style, you have more confidence and joy as you build an outfit. People begin to notice you in different ways.

How will you discover the details of your style working with me?
I will listen to you.
I will respect your style and goals.
I will support your discovery and opinions.
I will share all of my expertise.
I will remind you of the joy of building outfits.

I am a pro-age stylist. You can enjoy getting dressed and opening your closet daily with confidence. We can work together to approach your wardrobe through a new lens. Our outfits tell a story in color, fabric, style, or accessory. We control the story every day and have an opportunity to make it our signature style. You can redefine your image and attitude towards shopping, dressing, and outfit design. And I can make it a joyous, exciting experience.

Chic image consultant wearing red lipstick in a park

Photography by Susie Lang

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